The Trustees

“Statement by the Chairman of the Trustees :

Marks Hall is a Registered Charity bequeathed to the nation for the advancement of agriculture, arboriculture and Forestry .

The Marks Hall Estate is administered by a body of Trustees ( currently seven ) who are appointed by, and answerable to The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

The Trustees meet regularly to consider policy and the overall strategy to maintain Marks Hall as an increasingly important nationally and internationally known arboretum and gardens. They seek also to ensure that the policies they adopt will make a visit to Marks Hall an exciting and rewarding experience and one to be repeated.

All the Trustees are volunteers who receive no remuneration but dedicate a considerable amount of their time and expertise to the well-being of Marks Hall. They are normally appointed for a period of five years and often invited to renew their commitment for a further five years on expiry of the first period.

Marks Hall is run, day to day, by a very dedicated staff who cover all aspects of our activities as well as being on hand for our visitors. They are strongly supported by a band of very willing volunteers.

Although Marks Hall was bequeathed to the Nation it is a charity receiving no government funding and is wholly reliant upon the income from the Estate and the generosity of its visitors. When visiting Marks Hall do help where you can to preserve and maintain this wonderful place, not only for this, but also for future generations.”

Graeme Fraser Steele

The current Trustees of Marks Hall are:

Graeme Fraser Steele, Chairman of Trustees, appointed 31st January 2008

Professor James Raven appointed 31st January 2008

Meriel Barclay appointed 1st January 2010

Margaret Attwood appointed 1st August 2011

Peter Griffiths appointed 1st August 2011

Michael Lear appointed 5th November 2012


Marks Hall Estate is very fortunate to enjoy the support of its Patrons

Lord Braybrooke JP MA

Professor Stephen Hopper

Richard Deverell

The Lord Petre

Francis Nicholls

Lord Phillips of Sudbury

Hugh Johnson OBE

Peter Wilkin

George Courtauld DL

Peter Thurman