Every Autumn and Winter we sell hardwood logs to the local community, which are ideal for open fires and wood-burning stoves.  They prove very popular and this year is no exception.  Our team have been very busy taking orders and delivering to local homes to help keep everyone cosy and warm as the weather starts to turn.

But did you know that by purchasing our logs, you are not only receiving an excellent product, you are also supporting the charity and helping to protect this special landscape for the future?

The Marks Hall woodlands are ancient and historic, records indicate that Little Monks Wood was given to Coggeshall Abbey by Queen Maud in 1142.  They also form part of one of the largest privately owned woodland in Essex.  This is ancient coppiced woodland, where the trees are cut down and allowed to re-grow.  This produces a sustainable supply of timber without having to replant as the trees do not die.  A coppiced tree can live many hundreds of years, a lot longer than if left uncut.

Coppicing has been taking place here at Marks Hall for centuries.  Back in the 1600s large bundles of Lime wood from the Marks Hall would have been loaded up onto the barges, and these faggotts were distributed across London, for use in cooking across homes and business in the city. Nowadays we only deliver our logs more locally, within 20 miles to be precise!

The logs we sell are made up of Ash, Beech, Field Maple, Oak, Lime, Birch and Sycamore.  All have been harvested here at Marks Hall, and you can be reassured that we only coppice trees in the interest of preserving and enhancing our woodlands.  They are fully seasoned, with a moisture content of no more than 25%, providing an excellent burn.

Order your logs today before we sell out for this season!