On Monday 17th June our Visitor Centre was transformed by an exhibition of stunning work created by artist Julie Graham, founder of Little Fox Press. Julie, who is a graduate of Colchester School of Art, is a Suffolk-based printmaker, offering a range of limited-edition screen prints, textiles and hand-printed stationery inspired by the British countryside. Her unique handmade range is on sale at the Visitor Centre throughout the Summer.

Find out more about the founder of Little Fox Press:

Julie Graham

Designer, Printmaker

Julie Graham is a Suffolk-based designer and printmaker, offering a range of limited edition screen-prints, textiles and hand-printed stationery. Inspiration for her unique designs comes from the British countryside, and often just the briefest of glimpses of local wildlife. Firstly Julie draws her subject in traditional pen and ink, then translates the image into a design which is suitable for hand-printing.

"The process of screen printing is so satisfying to me, building an image as I print each layer of colour by hand on top of the last to reveal the overall finished print. It is the little imperfections which have drawn me to the this medium in-particular, these tell the story of the process and make each work individual."

Julie chooses to print onto handmade papers which add texture to her clean lines. Similarly in her textile work, she selects fabrics for their tactile qualities, such as soft British woollens which she loves to use.

Combining her wildlife subjects with the texture of recycled paper, British wool, the pages of discarded books and sheet music, she marries the qualities of modern, but traditionally printed illustration with beautiful materials from the past to create a sensitive, nostalgic portrayal of local British wildlife. All of the animals featured in the Visitor Centre's selection of Julie's work inhabit, or are regular visitors to Marks Hall Estate.