Blue Campaign

We are very pleased to have joined the Blue Campaign family. Helping to rewild Britain’s Gardens using Blue Hearts.


About the Blue Campaign

The Blue Campaign was perceived in 2014, following the report on the State of Nature published in 2014 which highlighted the dramatic decline in biodiversity and biomass across the UK.

The Blue Campaign was founded by wildlife film maker Fergus Beeley who has produced award winning films with Sir David Attenborough.

Blue Campaign promotes rewilding and encourages important wildlife to these areas.

The campaign is volunteers led and aims to encourage people to set aside an area to grow wild in the Summer.

Following the success of the ‘pilot’ in Chipping, Sodbury in South Gloucestershire, word of mouth particularly from the Blue Campaign Facebook (@bluecampaignhub) has increased awareness of the campaign. Now 1,500 acres are under the Blue Campaign scheme and with 15 million gardens in the UK there is potential to increase this.


Blue Heart Symbol – Rewilding Britain’s Gardens using Blue hearts

The Blue Heart Symbol is widely associated with the Blue Campaign.

Blue hearts are made from recycled materials and are staked into rewilding ground to show Visitors that we are maintaining the ground for rewilding.

The team at Blue Campaign decided on blue instead of green so that the symbol could stand out against the rewilding areas.


Long-term aims:

Restoring habitats

The emergence of native flowers

Huge step towards restoring biodiversity



Marks Hall’s involvement

Our Blue Campaign heart will be moving around the Arboretum to alternating rewilding areas.

We will be creating a Twitter thread using #bluecampaign and #wildblueheart to promote our involvement in this as well as other social platforms.