Discover a world of trees at Marks Hall Estate Arboretum and claim your wildflower prize. Suitable for ages 5 - 12 years, £2.00 per child

At Marks Hall Estate we're passionate about creating wild areas for buzzing pollinators and other wildlife. Our wild areas form part of a B-Line pathway, which runs through towns and countryside, to help insects find routes across the British landscape. B-Lines provide new wildlife habitats and link them together to benefit bees and butterflies.

When you complete our Summer Family Trail you be able to add to the B-Line by planting your wildflower seeds and watch as bees, butterflies and a whole host of other wildlife come to enjoy the pollen. Remember to share your wildflower updates with us on social media!

Collect your trail sheet at our admission kiosk. 

Please note Marks Hall Estate is closed on Mondays.