Meet the Trees

The Arboretum at Markshall Estate covers 200 acres and four geographic zones: Europe, Asia, North America and Gondwanaland. So visitors can enjoy a world of trees all in one day! Our trees are what make our unique landscape and on this page you can meet some of our spotlight trees.

Ginkgo biloba
Maidenhair tree
Native to China

Also known as fossil trees, Gingko biloba are large deciduous trees which grow fan-shaped, bilobed leaves. They produce a glorious butter yellow colour each autumn. Markshall Estate is home to a number of these specimens in the Asia geographic zone.

Eucalyptus pauciflora subsp. Niphophila
Snow gum
Native to Australia

This eucalyptus is an evergreen tree with beautiful cream, grey and green bark. This fast growing tree or shrub produces beautiful white flowers each year.

Quercus dentata
Japanese Emperor Oak
Native to East Asia

A large deciduous oak tree which grows at a rapid rate. Also known at the Japanese Emperor Oak, the leaves can reach as long as 1 foot!

You can find this tree in our Walled Garden.

Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Dawn redwood
Native to China

Fast growing conifers which have distinctive fibrous, orange-brown bark. Soft green leaflets give the tree a feathery appearance. In autumn the foliage turns a stunning copper colour. They’re known as ‘living fossils’ as they date back to the time of the dinosaurs. Markshall Estate is home to a number which can be found in the Asia geographic zone.

Native to the Mediterranean region

Cedars are large evergreen trees which have needle-like leaves. They produce cones which break up to release seeds while still attached to the tree. The pictured cedar is a well-known feature in Markshall Estate’s landscape.

Juglans regia ‘Monophylla’
Native to Britain

They’re commonly grown in Britain for its walnuts and ornamental value. They’re hardy which makes them perfect for the British climate.

We’re proud of the three National Champion Trees which can be found in our arboretum.* One being the Juglans regia ‘Monophylla’

*National Champion Trees are the UK’s most notable trees. The trees are measured for height and girth (a measurement defined as 1.5m above ground level).

Magnolia grandiflora
Native to America

These trees can reach 27.5m in height and have glossy green leaves which grow to 20cm in diameter. The Magnolia grandiflora found in the Walled Garden is the oldest tree in these gardens. 

Betula utilis
Himalayan birch
Native to the Himalayas

Betula utilis is a deciduous tree with amazing autumn colour. Markshall Estate is home to a number of these trees which can be found in Birkett Long Millennium Walk. They create striking reflections in the Upper Lake throughout autumn and winter.

Gymnocladus dioicus

Kentucky coffee tree

Native to America Kentucky coffee trees are native to America. They are deciduous trees with large, bipinnate leaves. They’re one of the last trees to leaf each year. Markshall Estate is home to two located behind the Walled Garden.

Tilia cordata
Small-leaved lime
Native to the UK

Small-leaved limes are medium-sized deciduous trees with dark green, heart shaped leaves. They have a fantastic display of autumn colour. You can find these trees dotted throughout the ancient woodlands on the estate.

Araucaria araucana
Monkey puzzle
Native to Chile, Argentina

These evergreen trees are known for their sharply pointed triangular shaped leaves. We have an amazing collection of them which can be found in Gondwanaland.

Catalpa speciosa
‘Western Catalpa’
Native to the USA

These tall spreading trees have large heart shaped leaves and beautiful blooms in the early summer. They can be found in the North America geographic zone.

Quercus imbricaria
Shingle oak
Native to North America

These deciduous trees can reach the height of 20m. The oblong oval leaves turn a yellow brown in the Autumn months. You can find these trees in the North America geographic zone.

Sequoiadendron giganteum
Giant redwood
Native to North America

These evergreen trees can reach more than 100m in height! Native to America, you can find Markshall’s Giant redwood at the top of Pound Field and alongside the avenue.

Liriodendron chinense

Chinese tulip tree

Native to Asia

Markshall Estate is home to several Chinese tulip trees. They are deciduous trees with attractive lobed leaves which have good autumn colour. You can find them dotted around our Lower Lake.