What will you do first? Build a den in the Wild Wood, explore a whole world of trees or feed fish in our giant lakes?

With so much to do here, it’s easy to have a fun family day out. And once you are finally all tired out, you can rest up with a nice mug of hot chocolate in our cafe. Sounds good, right?

The Wild Wood

Think a stick is just a stick? Well, not here. A stick can be a wand, a sword, a lightsaber, or a key to an unknown land. Let your imagination run wild in our hands-on play area. Made from wood from across the estate have fun jumping over stepping logs, playing on see-saws and building giant dens.

Explore the world

Become explorers as you enter our Arboretum planted with trees and plants from Europe and faraway places like North America, South America and Asia. Find our ‘dinosaur trees’ (or rare Wollemi Pines, for those of you who know your species) and pretend to be on the hunt for a T-Rex. Ok, you might not find one, but you will see beautiful sculptures of woodland creatures dotted throughout the Arboretum.

Discover 1,000 years of history on a woodland walk

Explore our woodlands and uncover the last physical reminders of our Second World War air base, or travel back further as you look for signs of the old Hall. Bring the family dog and your bikes and explore miles of ancient woodlands.

Ready to visit?

Are you ready to get exploring? Find out everything you need to have a great day out here at Markshall Estate below.