Geographic Zones

The Arboretum today is a collection of trees from all temperate areas of the globe. They are mass planted in geographic zones within a heritage landscape. It makes for some striking views and vistas across the Essex countryside.Read more

Small-leaved Lime at Marks Hall

Small-leaved lime is a deciduous tree native to the UK and across Europe. Small yellow-green flowers with a rich, heady scent are produced in early summer.Read more

The Heritage Oaks

Veteran oaks in the arboretum and woodland offer refuge to a great diversity of invertebrate species and insects as well as forming a distinctive and durable part of the landscape.Read more

The Lakes

There are two ornamental lakes at Marks hall with a thriving population of carp. They provide striking reflections on calm, clear days.Read more

The Walled Garden

The Walled Garden at Marks Hall with its contours and shapes is a unique and special place.Read more

The Woodland Walks

A series of three circular woodland walks, which set off from the Visitor Centre provide an opportunity to explore the semi-natural ancient woodlands at Marks Hall.Read more