Originally home to more than 300 oak trees, now only two veteran oaks remain at Marks Hall Estate

The Screaming Oak

The decaying and contorted trunk of this ancient oak led to it being compared to Edvard Munch’s famous ‘Scream’ painting. It provides a home for a variety of wildlife including bats, tree creepers and jackdaws.

The Honywood Oak

Located on the west side of Robins Brook is the massive Honywood Oak, a tree that is well over 800 years old and thought to date back to the time of Henry V. Along with the Screaming Oak, it is one of the last survivors of the 300 or so oaks that once graced the 130-acre Deer Park that now forms part of the Arboretum. It is the most substantial of all the oaks at Marks Hall Estate with its enormous 28ft girth. It was thought to be a particular favourite of Thomas Phillips Price.