Spring is on its way to Markshall Estate

The evenings are getting longer, days are getting warmer, and our 200-acre Arboretum is starting to come alive with colour… spring is most definitely on its way!

The Arboretum Team and Horticulture Team have been capturing the first of the spring sights as we move into the new season. Prunus incam ‘Okame’ was spotted in flower last week, following Storm Eunice. It’s bright pink cherry blossom is a delightful sight following the stormy weather. One of our earlier flowering cherry blossom trees, its gorgeous flowers can be seen late February into early March.

The rest of the spring blossom will shortly follow. We will see our Magnolia trees begin to bud and blossom over the coming weeks, followed by the flowers of our beautiful Prunus ‘Tai Haku’ creating a picturesque avenue of blossom near our 800-year-old, Honywood Oak… the perfect spot for capturing that family memory or Instagram photo.

Prunus 'Tai-haku' in flower

As well as beautiful blossoms starting to transform the Estate, daffodils and other spring flowers have begun to emerge. Daffodils have been spotted springing up in Robins Grove, home to our popular Snowdrop Grove. The bright yellow flowers of the Narcissus have really made us excited for the new season. Daffodils have also started to arrive in our Plant Centre for sale over the next month.

We are looking forward to seeing more signs of spring starting to unveil. Including wildlife, birds, butterflies, rabbits and hares, our wild meadow starting to emerge again and the luscious green leaves appearing on our trees. If you spot any of these spring sights, please share them with us on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter.