The de-silting of Robin’s Brook

Last undertaken in the winter of 2009/2010, work commenced this December 2023 to clear Robin’s Brook which runs down the middle of Markshall’s 200-acre Arboretum.

The work has involved the draining of each section of the brook in turn, removing the reedmace and years of silt build-up. This has been completed by Team Leader/Estate Worker Iain who used a digger to reach into the brook and carefully remove the silt and reedmace. With support from the Arboretum Team to aid the clearing.

This is an important task as it helps with the water flow of Robin’s Brook. This flow of water is important in ensuring that the water doesn’t stagnate. The clearing of the water helps the wildlife which call the water home – including our greedy carp! As well as this, by clearing the brook, the historic weirs become more visible to visitors and a gentle nod to our history.

The silt and reedmace has been left on the bank for it to drain and allow for insect larvae and other creatures to find their way back into the brook by spring 2024.

We will then begin clearing the dried-up silt and vegetation in late spring/summer of 2024.

Here are some more photos from the works that have been carried out since early December: