The work of the charity is undertaken by a dedicated team who all aim to enhance, protect and promote the landscape under our care.

The Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees has a breadth of experience and interests that benefits the charity. Trustees are appointed through a transparent recruitment process for a five year term, and may be appointed for a further five year term to ensure an appropriate level of continuity and renewal on the Board. 

Meriel Barclay - Chair of Trustees
Margaret Attwood
Bill Conner
Bob Cowlin
Peter Griffiths
Michael Lear MSc
Jan Smith
Benjamin Woodgate
Professor Ian Hodge

Our staff

The staff team is appointed by the Board and is responsible for the day to day running of the Estate. Working across varied disciplines the team take forward the planning and developments identified by the Trustee Board. The senior staff team includes:

Executive Director - Kath Cockshaw
Estate Manager – Richard Ramsey
Visitor Operations Manager – Karen Marchlik
Arboretum Manager – Ian Chandler
Senior Arborist- Martin Bowers
Senior Horticulturist - Sara Boyles
Events Manager– Lisa Calvert
Catering Supervisor - Jacqui Page
Volunteer & HR Manager – Nanette Gaskell
Marketing & Communications Manager - Drea Lee
Retail & Marketing Coordinator - Becky Stone
Education & Engagement Coordinator - James Harrod


Our volunteers support the Trustees and staff in a wide variety of roles including visitor welcome, retail, guided walks, horticulture, woodland and archiving. Find out more about volunteering and apply.