The Walled Garden with its contours and shapes is a unique and special place. The imposing walls were built in the 18th century with bricks made on the Estate. The garden is unusual because there is no fourth wall and the site instead slopes down to the lake.

It would have been used to supply the Hall with fruit, vegetables and beautiful blooms. Photographic evidence of the garden during Thomas Phillips Price’s time suggests there had been an aesthetic approach to the planting there. In the intervening years the garden had become overgrown with a tangle of weeds.

Our Walled Garden re-opened in 2003 having been designed by Brita von Schoenaich. It combines traditional and contemporary planting through a series of five separate gardens that begin with an earth sculpture.

The earth sculpture representing a new beginning, the start of the year. A Choisya ternate (Mexican Orange Blossom) hedge merges into the second garden, where it snakes and dips providing the support for plants such as feathery purple fennel and the graceful fronds of Achillea ‘Moonshine’. The Choisya disappears through a hedge into the third and central garden. Here everything is strong and clear, where Amelanchier ‘Robin Hill’ shades the long stone seats. The line taken by the Choisya leaps across the garden through a series of spheres, first clipped box and then stone. Most striking is the clipped box and stone table, from which right angles of Lavender grosso run, pierced by a contrasting line of Iris ‘Deep Black’. In the fourth garden the thread has become an undulating stonewall and the planting is fiery red, orange, gold and yellow, which lasts well into autumn. Finally the slate thread dives into a block of Hornbeam and disappears back into the earth, through a deep slate pool marking the end of the cycle.

The Walled Garden is designed for spring and summer interest. Over the winter months we close the impressive double cedar gates in order to protect the ground, and to prepare it for the next season.