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An Exclusive Tour of the Arboretum with Ian and Bryan

Join us for a unique early morning adventure at Markshall, designed for nature enthusiasts and history lovers alike. Experience the tranquillity and beauty of our gardens as the day begins, with a special guided walk led by either our Head of Arboretum and Gardens, Ian, and Volunteer Ranger, Bryan. Both Ian and Bryan have over 20 years of experience, caring for and nurturing our stunning landscape.

Event highlights:

  • Guided Walk and Historical Tour with Ian and Bryan: Start your day with an exclusive tour of our striking arboretum and gardens. Ian will share his extensive knowledge of the diverse tree species, arboricultural practices, and a mention to the history of our estate. Bryan will be focusing on the rich history of Markshall. Learn fascinating stories and historical insights while capturing the beautiful morning views of the Arboretum and Gardens.
  • Breakfast at the Honywood Tearoom: Conclude your morning with a delightful breakfast at the Honywood Tearoom. Enjoy your choice of breakfast bap, made using locally sourced ingredients. Breakfast includes a pot of tea or cup of filter coffee.

Why attend?

  • Exclusive access: Enjoy the serenity of our gardens and historical insights before the estate opens to the public.
  • Expert guidance: Gain unique insights from our experts, enhancing your understanding of both Markshall’s nature and rich history.
  • Photo opportunities: Capture beautiful early morning photos of our Arboretum as you explore.

Ian, our esteemed Head of Arboretum and Gardens, has been a dedicated member of the Markshall team for over 25 years. With an extensive knowledge of the Arboretum and its diverse tree collection, Ian has played a pivotal role in the cultivation, design and maintenance of our grounds. His expertise and passion for arboriculture, horticulture and forestry, have significantly contributed to the beauty and botanical richness that visitors enjoy today. Ian’s commitment to preserving and enhancing our arboretum makes him an invaluable asset to Markshall.

Bryan, our dedicated Volunteer Ranger, has been an integral part of the Markshall community for over twenty years. In addition to his ranger duties, Bryan has been capturing the beauty of Markshall through his photography, documenting the ever-changing landscapes and vibrant wildlife. His stunning photographs not only showcase the natural splendor of our grounds but also help preserve its history and allure for future generations. Bryan’s dual contributions as a ranger and photographer make him a cherished member of our team.

Spaces are limited so be sure to book your spot today.

Please check the weather forecast before the event and dress appropriately. We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes.

12 Jun - 12 Jun 2024 7.30am-9.30am tour, breakfast at 9.30am Markshall, Marks Hall Road, Coggeshall, Essex, CO6 1TG Prices:
Per person £22.50
Per Friend of Markshall* £17.50
Price includes a breakfast bap and a pot of tea or cup of filtered coffee.
* Friends of Markshall discount code should appear in your emails. If it hasn't appeared, then please call the team on 01376 563796.