Your Guide to a Magical Winter Wedding

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There is something about a winter wedding which just feels cosy, intimate and magical. Each year we see more bookings at the Coach House for winter weddings. So today, we thought we’d get our Coordinators top tips for making the best winter celebration.

  1. Capturing the perfect photos
    ‘It gets dark earlier so think about the timing of your ceremony and location of the photos. Grab group shots straight away or plan night shots with sparklers, coloured lighting or move inside and use the unique barn as a backdrop.’ Lisa, Coach House Manager
    We love the sound of this one! Can you imagine the kind of creative photos you could capture? They’d certainly be unique.
    At the Coach House we have seen many sparkler photos. Here are just a few of our favourites…
  1. Fairy lights, fairy lights and more fairy lights!
    ‘Fairy lights are magical any time of year but especially in the winter as it makes it even cosier!’ Laura, Coach House Coordinator

Here at the Coach House, we love a fairy light. We think they not only show off the incredible structure of our rustic barn but add warmth and a sense of romance to the building. They can also act as stunning backdrops. But in winter, there is just something even more special about them! It’s like we can actually feel the warmth from them. ‘Lighting for winter weddings would be a top tip, lots of fairy lights.’ Janay, Coach House Administration Assistant

The more fairy lights, the better in our opinion!

  1. Confetti is falling all around us
    ‘Rather than the usual colourful why not choose white biodegradable paper and make it look like snow.’ Lisa
    Ok, hands up if you were like us and hadn’t thought of this until Lisa suggested it? White confetti which is eco-friendly and looks like snow – what more could you want walking away from the aisle! This will be such an amazing memory and the photos would look incredible. You’ll be walking in your very own winter wonderland.
  1. Keep your guests cosy
    ‘My tip would be making sure your guests keep warm. This can include blankets, slippers and even onesies… this seems really fun!’ Saffron, Coach House Coordinator

Adding little touches like blankets, slippers and onesies will be something your guests always remember! How cool would it be to see your guests dancing the night away in onesies. ‘Bring in blankets in case your guests want to sit outside under the stars in the evening.’ Laura. We love this note from Laura. The thought of watching the stars, wrapped in blankets the evening of your wedding day just feels so special. A memory which will be with you forever.

  1. Let the season inspire your decorations
    ‘There are some fabulous props that can be used at this time of year to make your room look stunning, especially as it will be darker earlier. Sliced logs and branches within twinkly lights make tables look stunning. Why not add some glass baubles to the beams with candles to make the room look romantic. If you hand them on fishing wire, then the look like they are floating. Use small Christmas trees as your table plan holder or to decorate the aisle. Think about all the rich Christmas colours that you can use reds, blues, and greens. Add a touch of luxury to your day and dress the venue with dark red or gold linen rather than ivory or white. Add some scents to your room to make it smell Christmas and a way to conjure up those past Christmas memories that you have spent with your friends and families.’ Lisa
    If we weren’t walking in a winter wonderland before with confetti, we are now! The Christmas and winter period, in our opinion, is the most magical and cosy season of the year so why not play on this to add to the intimate feel of your day? The rich colour palette of the festive season will give a luxury feel to the day. We also love the sound of mini-Christmas trees!
  1. Dress for the colder weather
    ‘Whilst every bride wants to look her best add the finishing touches to ensure you stay warm. A lovely faux fur shawl or warm leather jacket and cosy blanket is always a must on the buggy ride when we head out in the winter. Even a suitable bridal hot water bottle has been seen in the past.’ Lisa

Earlier we mentioned making sure your guests stay warm, but it is as equally important for you to keep warm and enjoy the experience. Somethings that we like to see is shawls, leather jackets and blankets. We have seen some cool personalised jackets and even hot water bottles! Perfect when you are being taken around our grounds for your photos. ‘Dramatic skies provide great photo opportunities.’ Janay. Sunsets, cloudy skies they all make amazing backdrops to your photos. Make sure you make the most of them!

  1. Cosy drink receptions
    ‘The winter terrace set up still allows for a warm, cosy space for reception drinks when the heaters and fairy lights are on!’ Janay

We might be biased but our private terrace is great for a winter drinks reception. Standing by the heaters, catching up with friends and families after saying ‘I do’ sounds so special. Moreover, why not incorporate some drinks inspired by the season…
‘Make a hot chocolate station for the drink’s reception with luxury marshmallows and cream or we can provide mulled wine.’ Lisa
‘If you are really sticking with the Christmas theme, then go for some Christmas themed cocktails and drinks. Flavours like peppermint, eggnog and spiced berries would be unique.’ Becky, Marketing Coordinator
A hot chocolate station with all the toppings sounds divine! Imagine enjoying a hot cocoa or warm mulled wine whilst enjoying the company of your guests. If you want to go further, why not do some unique cocktails inspired by your favourite Christmas tiples.

  1. Choose flowers and foliage in season
    ‘Try to incorporate berries, spring of foliage and even pinecones! Not only will it help with sustainability but choosing flowers and foliage suitable to the season really adds to the day. I also like the idea of a winter foliage arch to marry under.’ Becky

Garlands, berries and pinecones all shout winter to us. The small details of ensuring these are incorporated can make a big impact. Also going for colours which match the décor and Christmas is a nice touch. Perhaps you could add a touch of glitter to them too!

  1. Choose some wintery entertainment
    ‘A saxophonist, a Christmas playlist or glitter bar could all be quite fun to see at a winter wedding.’ Becky
    What is Christmas without a little glitter or the sound of beautiful instruments. We can guarantee your guests would love the entertainment!
  1. Switch up from the traditional wedding cake
    Our last tip is to switch up your wedding cake. The Christmas season also brings with it some delicious flavours. Why not try a cake flavour like red velvet, spiced apple or salted caramel. You could also incorporate fresh berries or rich winter colours such as reds and golds.

    Whether you are getting married, attending a wedding or planning for your wedding. We wish you all a Merry Markshall Christmas.

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