Top 5 Moments in February 2024

As we say goodbye to 2024 and move closer to spring, we wanted to take some time and reflect on our top five moments for February 2024…

1. Himalayan birch trees had a well-deserved pamper!

Earlier in the month our beautiful Himalayan birch trees, found in Birkett Long Millennium Walk, had a little pamper day with thanks to Arborist/Estate Worker Matt and the help of our amazing Arboretum Volunteers. Each winter the Team clean the trunks to remove any algae and restore them to their glistening white beauty. Don’t they scrub-up well?

2. Becoming a Finalist in the East of England Tourism Awards 2024

Back in January we found out that we were finalists in the East of England Tourism Awards for the category of Ethical, Responsible and Sustainable Tourism. In February we attended the award’s evening where we celebrated all the Team’s achievements. We were up against two amazing finalists, Mill Farm Eco Barns and Holkham Estate, and although we didn’t win, we felt like winners for being a finalist. This wouldn’t have been possible without your support so thank you!

3. Snowdrops, snowdrops and more snowdrops!

It wouldn’t be a February without talking about the amazing snowdrop display in Robin’s Grove. This year is no different. We were treated with thousands of white nodding snowdrops – a reminder that spring is almost upon us. Our Buggy Drivers gave tours to the snowdrops, and we were sent many visitor photos of people enjoying winter’s loveliest flower.

4. A visit from a Sparrowhawk in the Nursery

Horticulturist Emma was enjoying her morning break when she looked out of the Potting Shed window to see a visitor in the Nursery. Sparrowhawks are small birds of prey which have a UK Conservation status of amber.

5. Pollarding of an Ash tree

At the beginning of the month an ash tree in our woodlands had to be pollarded as the tree had been condemned due to disease and being hollow. The team could see two woodpecker holes about 10ft up the tree, so the intention was to come down just to these. During the process, Senior Arborist Martin found a bee’s nest with honey… so it was capped there to make it waterproof.

We’ve had a great February and would like to thank those who visited us over the past month. We’re now looking forward to spring blossom and all the Easter fun.

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