Meet Markshall’s Irises

The irises are currently in bloom, gracing the long herbaceous border of the Walled Gardens and the borders of the Coach House Flower Garden with their vibrant colours. From depp purple to sunshine yellow, these beautiful blooms are the current stars of the gardens found at Markshall.

In this blog we look at the different irises which call our borders home…

bright yellow flowers of the Iris 'Saint Crispin'

Iris ‘Saint Crispin’
This golden iris adds a vibrant pop of yellow to the long herbaceous border in the Walled Gardens. With beautiful, scented flowers and a golden glow, they are a welcome sight after the colder, winter months.

Iris pallida ‘Variegata’
A lighter and brighter purple coloured iris. This delicate bloom has amazing sword-shaped grey-green leaves edged with white.

Iris ‘Deep Black’
This iris is one of the Markshall Team’s favourite for its rich, deep colour. We may be biased but it is perfect for the herbaceous borders of the Walled Gardens.

Iris ‘Jane Phillips’
This bearded iris is a popular choice for garden owners. Its pastel blue colour adds a softness to borders. On mass they create a calming display.

Iris ‘Quechee’
This iris is a common sight at the likes of Chelsea Flower Show. They have lovely orange-red flowers which provide a delicate chocolate orange scent.

Iris ‘Benton Olive’

We couldn’t not include this beautiful iris. These were the star of Chelsea Flower Show 2023. We love it’s unique colouring.

Make sure you plan a visit soon to see the beautiful irises which add a rainbow of colour to our borders.

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