Update from William the New Markshall Senior Horticulturist:

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to share some updates from my first month as the Senior Horticulturist at Markshall. It has been a bustling and rewarding start, especially seeing the Walled Gardens burst into life as we gear up for summer.

Bringing the Walled Gardens to Life

June has been all about preparing the garden for the warmer months. We’ve been busy planting tropical and tender perennials into the borders, bringing vibrant colors and lush greenery to the space. To keep everything looking its best, I’ve been pressure washing and cleaning the pathways throughout the Walled Gardens, ensuring they are spotless for your visits. The hedges have also received a much-needed trim, making sure the gardens are looking their best for your visits.

Introducing New Plant Varieties

One of my main goals since starting has been to introduce new varieties and species of plants into the Walled Gardens. We are currently trialing a few of each new plant species or cultivar in the flowerbeds to see how they adapt to our soil and climatic conditions. If these plants survive the winter, we plan to add more next spring. So, as you stroll through the garden, you might spot solitary plants or small groups of three – these are our test subjects! A couple of exciting new additions include Salvia verticillata ‘Purple Rain’ and Sanguisorba ‘Cangshan Cranberry,’ among others.

Plans for the Future

Looking ahead to autumn, I have plans to add some multi-stem trees to the borders. These trees will not only add height and structure to the flowerbeds over time but also provide much-needed shade within the Walled Gardens.

I hope you visit the Walled Gardens this summer to see all the new plants and developments. It’s a joy to watch the garden evolve and I’m thrilled to share this journey with you.

See you in the garden!


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