From monster bulbs to exotic autumn flowers, here is why we love the ginger lily.

Hedychium Gardnerianum 'Kahili' better known as ginger lily ‘Kahili’ creates gorgeous displays of colour through summer. In March Sara, Senior Horticulturalist at Marks Hall Estate, received our ginger lily rhizome, quickly nicknamed the monster rhizome by the team.

Nine months after planting the rhizome and the first ginger lily flower has appeared. A beautiful sight as we head into the winter months, unusual as this perennial normally stops flowering in September. Hedychium Gardnerianum’s are native to the Himalayas, India, Nepal and Bhutan. It has grown to be a favourite of the team due to its height, reaching up to one metre, and because of its striking colour.

Top tips for planting and caring:

  • Rhizomes grow naturally horizontal and above ground
  • Use a large pot for the rhizome which contains fresh potting compost
  • Once your plant has developed find a sunny spot in your garden. Ginger lilies love a warm and sunny spot with plenty of drainage
  • Plant with half the rhizome above the ground
  • Give lots of water

Why not consider planting a ginger lily in your garden ready for the summer months.