New eco-friendly candles have arrived at Marks Hall Estate. From beautiful scents to soy wax, and a label made from seeds too! Here's why we think you'll love Olive & Ivy candles as much as we do.

Local, small business 

These beautifully scented candles are handmade in Billericay, Essex. Olive & Ivy are passionate about creating eco-friendly, sustainable candles and each one is hand poured from their home studio. It's so important to support small businesses, especially now, and that is why were so excited to have welcomed Olive & Ivy as a supplier. 

Fragrance tags made from seeded paper

Every candle comes with a fragrance tag which is made from wildflower seeds and can be planted straight in the garden. They can also be broken up and dotted around for little bursts of colour... the bees will love them!


Whenever you return a used Olive & Ivy jar to Marks Hall Estate you receive a 25% discount off your next Olive & Ivy candle purchase. Olive & Ivy are then able to reuse your jar for future candles. 

Recyclable packaging 

If you didn't already love Olive & Ivy you'll love knowing that all their packaging is recyclable. Making it zero waste!


All candles are made using a mix of soy wax and essential oils. There are no additives, dyes or stabilisers used in any of the products. As well as lasting almost twice as long, soy candles hold scents from essential oils better making them more aromatic. As soy wax is a by-product of soybeans, Olive & Ivy candles are sustainable and eco-friendly. This also means that they burn cleaner and do not leave black soot marks on the glass jar. 

Purchase your Olive & Ivy candle here.